About the Blog

I decided to make hardlyneurotypical in November 2014 when I was 16 years old. I found that there seemed to be a lack of talk about teenagers with ADD, ASD and Dyscalculia, the disorders that I have – everything was either about children or adults, but nothing in between.

I’d never really attempted to make a blog that was this personal to me and my own experiences before, but if I could share my experiences and try to put particular struggles into words, it might help other teenagers going through similar things. hardlyneurotypical is also quite therapeutic for myself to write, as I struggle a lot with expressing myself verbally, and written words seem to come naturally for me. This blog is how I tell people about my disorders and how real they actually are for me, even if they may not seem like it.

Although hardlyneurotypical is constantly changing over time, the main point of it is to share my own experiences, and educate people on what ADD, ASD and Dyscalculia are and how they effect people. However, I will and do experiment with particular subjects, such as my College Reviews segment, where I reviewed 7 movies that I had seen over the summer of 2015, or my more personal and uncategorised posts such as “Resolutions”, where I spoke about what I want to achieve in 2016.

I write posts for hardlyneurotypical in my spare time, and still only have a small number of followers who read my content (and I am grateful for all of them). Recently though there has been a significant growth in the number of people who are reading and sharing my content, which has been quite shocking in a good way and has inspired me to up my game and blog even more regularly. Thank you.