I have no words to describe how numb I feel over the Orlando gay club shooting. My first thought was actually “shit, that could have been me”. I don’t know how it could have been me, I live in England where guns are illegal and everyone around me is accepting of my sexuality. But if I come across the wrong person, come out to someone who has an issue with it, I’m putting myself in danger. This is the reality of anyone who is a part of the LGBT community.

The people in Pulse nightclub shouldn’t have had to go through what they did, because from what I’ve heard Pulse was a safe place for members of the LGBT community to go and meet others who are like them, perhaps to help them not feel as alone as the world can seem when you are in the community or to just have a good night in a safe, loving environment where you can be yourself. I mean, no one from our community should have to be victims of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia, but especially not in a place that allows us to be free of it when we still live in such a disgusting world.

It angers me how people are so quick to say that it ultimately doesn’t matter what these people’s sexualities are, no human should be murdered. The people who say this are a part of the problem and are erasing the identities of the innocent people who were victims of a hate crime. This was a gay club and the man who committed the crime, Omar Mateen, acted on his homophobia. We cannot forget the fact that America’s biggest shooting happened on a Latin night in a gay club.

Why are there still guns allowed in the US? I can’t get my head around the fact that from what I am aware of, President Obama hasn’t seemed to do anything to get gun control enforced, despite the fact that if he was not a member of the government he would be in just as much danger because of police brutality than any other black man in America.

The community that I am a part of has shown me countless times that we are strong and we will stand up for what we believe in. It has shown me this through people standing up against the bathroom bill, through the Lexa Pledge in trying to annihilate the bury your gays TV trope and it has shown me that despite what has happened over the last few days, love wins.

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