I’ve been reflecting recently on 2015. There have been some good events, and some stressful. None particularly bad however, so that’s good. At the end of January I officially stopped studying for A Levels because I just couldn’t cope, and spent half the year at home figuring out what to do next. The second half of year was then a lot busier than I’m used to – I’m still getting used to the fast pace but so far I’m managing. I joined a college course for Creative Media, and it’s going well so far.

I’m on a Christmas break right now, as are the majority of the people in the world. I’ve been on the break for a week, and instantly felt Christmassy when I finished school. I’ve been too busy to think about Christmas and 2016,┬ábut I’ve completely finished all my work so it feels kind of weird to be thinking about the festivities. But now I don’t know what to do, which is one of the reasons I’m sort of rambling in this post (and simultaneously singing along to the Grease soundtrack). I’ve got no work except thinking about the kind of things I want to do for projects next term… I can’t believe 6 months ago this is what I would do.

I’m not usually one for New Years resolutions, but it’s a nice thought that going into another year it gives people sort of a fresh start, so for the next few days I’m going to mull over some things that I want to be doing in 2016. But for 2015, I am happy to say that I have definitely tried my absolute hardest on school work so far, which is one thing that I wanted to do when the school year started.

I’ve also been thinking about what I really want hardlyneurotypical to be about. I’m not sure if I’ve voiced my thoughts about this on my blog before, there may be something about it floating about in my drafts. Obviously things change over time, and hardlyneurotypical was originally meant to be me just documenting my experiences with ADD/ASD/Dyscalculia as an outlet for me, but also for other people, mainly teenagers who have the same conditions, as something to relate to. But I’m more than just a teenage girl with these things, I have opinions, I have likes and dislikes, and this is my blog so obviously I can do what I like. Obviously I don’t want to completely stop writing about my neurodivergentness, because I do like writing about it, but I want to write about other things too. My “College Reviews” series was sort of like an experiment. I can get away with posting other topics, people did read my film reviews, but how far to that extent do I want to go? This is something that I’ll also be thinking about too, and I’ll get back to the blog about my thoughts on it.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season, whether you celebrate anything or not, and I hope everyone has a good New Year.

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