College Reviews – Spy

I found myself in heaps of laughter whilst watching Spy at the cinema. Writer and director Paul Feig really cracked it whilst making this action comedy, but if it wasn’t for leading lady Melissa McCarthy, Feig’s writing wouldn’t have made it to the screen with such sharpness; I really cannot imagine anyone else as this hilarious female James Bond.

Susan Cooper (McCarthy) works for the CIA guiding her partner and love interest Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) around on missions via computer and headsets. During one mission, Fine accidentally kills the only man to know the location of a suitcase nuke. However, the CIA learns that the deceased man’s daughter Rayna (Rose Byrne) may also know the location. Fine is then sent to infiltrate her home, but he finds Rayna who shoots him dead as Susan watches in the office. It is revealed that Rayna knows identities of all the top agents, so Susan goes undercover as an agent and eventually recovers the nuke.

Admittedly I have not seen any Paul Feig films, nor have I seen anything McCarthy has starred in, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only cast member I was really familiar with was Miranda Hart, Nancy, Susan’s best friend. Judging from the trailer however, I knew this was going to be one of those laugh out loud films, and it did not disappoint.

McCarthy has some really hilarious moments such as when Susan and Fine are eating in a fancy restaurant and Fine jokes saying that Burger King was booked up. The one single extremely loud laugh that followed made by Susan had me in hysterics. Her comedic timing is absolutely spot on the whole way throughout the film; I will definitely be watching more of her and familiarising myself with her more.

I also have to mention Verka Serduchka’s appearance singing Dancing Lasha Tumbai that he sung in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. It really had me laughing and remembering the Eurovision performance, which is a nice little personal memory for me.

The writing, directing and acting really came together to produce great rhythm to the comedy in this film that is definitely one to buy on DVD and add to my comedy collection.

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