College Reviews – Jurassic World

It’s no surprise to me that the fourth instalment to the Jurassic Park series was an instant box office success setting multiple records including being the highest-grossing opening weekend since 2002. Directed by Colin Trevorrow and written by Trevorrow, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Derek Connolly, the film is everything that you’d expect from a modern day Jurassic Park.

In this sci-fi adventure set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World has now been built on the original dinosaur island called Isla Nublar. Zach Mitchell (Nick Robinson), a typical disinterested teenage boy, and his younger dinosaur-obsessed brother, Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins), go to the island to visit their aunt Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is the park’s operations manager. When the brothers, who have been neglected by their aunt, are exploring the park, the latest attraction, a genetically-modified dinosaur called the Indominus Rex escapes, causing Claire and Velociraptor expert Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), who is considered to be the alpha to the park’s Velociraptor pack, to have to find the brothers.

To me it just seems stupid that the people in the fictional world of Jurassic Park keep going back to the idea John Hammond originally had considering the events that occurred. I found the order of events in Jurassic World to be quite predictable compared to the rest of the series, but that still didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the newest addition.

Pratt, Hollywood’s latest bankable star, gives a truly memorable performance. I found myself holding my breath during scenes such as when Owen covers himself in oil to cover his scent, or when the Velociraptors turn against him. Howard also gives a fist-punching-the-air worthy performance. At first her character, work-centric rather than family-orientated Claire, is frustrating oblivious to the danger her and her team have created with the Indominus, but throughout the film I really admired her development. Don’t get me wrong, I still admire her authority and the fact that she knows what she wants, but watching her become more selfless and focused on getting people out of danger was a joy to watch. One shot that I feel is the epitome of her character development for me is when she’s running in heels to lure the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Indominus; I really have to give credit to the cinematographer John Schwartzman for that. However, I do have one bone to pick. A group of Pterosaurs escape and start to attack all the civilians, and when Claire saved Owen from one, he thanks her by passionately kissing her. In the middle of an attack… could they be anymore stupid? Do they just lack common sense? Save it for when you’re save off of the island at least.

One particular scene involving Zach and Gray when they stumbled into part of the original Jurassic Park building and repaired an old jeep I found to be very nostaglic and had put a smile on my face, especially when Gray found Tim’s night-vision goggles. 13-year-old Ty Simpkins, who’s already starred in hits such as Insidious and Iron Man 3, was I found to be just as loveable in Jurassic World as he was in those films, and I found myself saying “woah!” and wanting to look at everything all at once in each shot along with him.

All in all I thought Jurassic World is a great refreshingly new sci-fi film to add to a classic series. There is plenty of on-screen dinosaur action to go with a great story that is both new but also similar to how I remember the series growing up. The film gives a real edge-of-the-seat feeling due to great effects, acting, writing, directing and camerawork.

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