College Reviews

As I’ve said before, I’m going to be studying a Level 3 Creative Media course at college in September. On the taster day at the end of June (that I have a draft about. I’ll get round to posting it soon) we got given a choice of summer projects to do that’s due in for the first day of term in September. I was going to make a stop-motion project, but after numerous attempts I got too frustrated and gave up (bad attitude, I know), so instead I’ve decided to write reviews about all the films I’ve seen in the summer. As well as handing them into college, I’m going to post them on here in a little¬†segment of my blog called “College Reviews”. I don’t want to be completely limited to writing about my learning difficulties because even though they are a big part of my life, believe it or not I am more than just a person who is a bit socially inept. The tag line of my blog currently is “a teenager’s neurodivergent perspective”, part of my perspective is made because I’m able to see every detail of everything which is a big advantage when it comes to film & TV, my special interest. I will upload my first review of¬†Jurassic World when it’s complete either later tonight or tomorrow.

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