College Interview

The other day I had an interview at college for a Level 3 Creative Media course. I got in! I start in September and I am making an online vow right now for everyone to see that I am going to try my absolute hardest to do the best that I possibly can on this course so that I can go to uni or get an apprenticeship with as little hassle as possible.

A few ex friends of mine laughed when they found out that I was trying to get on to this course, because I’ve changed what I want to so many times now. And to them I sarcastically laugh and say thanks. You’re clearly not the friends that I thought you were. Basically about a year ago I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I originally planned to go to college and do a Performing Arts course, then I switched to A Levels, then I switched back to college. So in September 2014 I went to college to do a Level 2 Performing Arts course… which I dropped out of because I couldn’t deal with the change. It was horrible – I had to travel for about 40 minutes four times a week. I would wake up at 8am to get there for 10am, and then finish at 5:30pm to get home at 6:30pm. So after about two weeks of that, I went back and done A Levels in Philosophy of Religious Studies, Film Studies, and Drama. And that was exhausting. It was midway through September by this point so I had a load of work to catch up on as well as getting homework for each lesson almost every lesson. I ended up getting so exhausted from it all by Halloween half term, and during November, December, and January I got the flu for about two weeks each month. I had to leave school because I’d missed too many lessons and couldn’t catch up.

Currently I’m not in education but I’m doing an online course in British Sign Language which might help me be able to communicate with people. I know not many people know how to speak BSL, but the gestures and facial expressions that come with it will hopefully help me communicate better because I’ll have to use them when speaking BSL. I’m pretty quiet when I’m around people that I don’t know though, so it might be easier just to use BSL a lot more in public. Not that I am non verbal, because I can talk when I need to, just not very well in my opinion (although a lot of people say that they don’t even realise that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder). It might come in handy when I get into college though, being more vocally quiet and signing more, because I usually become more vocal if I’m comfortable around someone, and I’m not comfortable around college yet and probably won’t get used to the change for a few months – I guess it all depends how I feel at the time though.

When I was at the interview, everyone who was getting interviewed for the Media subjects were all waiting in one room, so I awkwardly sat there playing games on my phone and didn’t say one word whilst everyone around me were talking about their schools and the new school and interviews. When I was called for the register I just stuck my hand up and sort of said “yep”, and when I my name was called to go and be interviewed I walked straight out of the room and almost sat in the wrong seat… woops. The woman who interviewed me started out asking me what I was interested in about Media and why I wanted to do it, so of course all of my words go out of my head. I just said something along the lines of that I’ve always like the industry, performing, and directing, and that I like writing so I think that screen writing is something that I’d like to do. I forgot to say that I wasn’t sure what specific technical element I’m most interested in and would find out whilst I’m on the course though – this is why I’m better at writing things like this than speaking words out loud. I also made the mistake of saying about how many times I’d switched courses and that I don’t have a Maths GCSE which made her write conditional on my offer but if I don’t get my Maths by June I’d have to do it at college anyway which is fine – at least they know what Dyscalculia is. She didn’t ask me if I had any difficulties though, but I did write it on the form they sent out to me, so hopefully they’ll see that and we can get that sorted so all of my new teachers are aware for September. I showed her my GCSE Film short sequence after that and the My Life In Media one that we had to do for the interview, and she said she could see how I’ve improved. I think seeing what I can do rather than talking about it won her over since at first she said my GCSEs are “just good enough for a Level 3 course” and then said she doesn’t think I’d have a problem on the Level 3, but if I had tried to join last September I would have been put on the Level 2 course because I haven’t had any experience with Macs – good thing I should be getting one soon!

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